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Another case that has to do with the difficult years of the war. In 1945 the couple Papadopoulos, citizens of Serres City, was killed, leaving behind four orphans. The hunger and the wretchedness mowed the tortured Greece. The relatives of the children decided to leave little Panagioti, for a short time, to the orphanage of "St. Stylianos". Their aim was to go back later so as to take him back to his family nest. But when they did so, they were given the common answer that the child had died. No one of the authorized people there had the courage to say that the child was given to some family, by illegal way of course.

Panagiotis was adopted by a family of Thessaloniki. Soon, he moved to Athens. He grew up as the only child of his new family. Never he played with his sisters; never he shared his happiness and his dolor with them. When he was 11 years old he found out that he was adopted. As he was growing up he started looking for his family. But, it was so difficult to reach to an end.

His three sisters, not believing any more that their little brother had died, as they were asserted by the orphanage, started searching, too. With the help of S.E.A.S.Y.P association they found out case of their bother's adoption.

The belief, the will and the big search of some people and mostly of the president of the association Mrs. Kalfopoulou, made for once more their miracle. At 15th of October 1998 the four brothers and sisters got together again.

With tears in the eyes, with deep pain in the soul and with big questions they try to forget the black game that was stated by some people inside of the orphanage which is said to protect the child's soul and dignity, bereaving to each child the right of coexistence with their biological parents and brothers and sisters.



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