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Those difficult years of the war forced Maria Rezian to leave her little angel for protection to the "St. Stylianos" orphanage, unsuspicious for the game that was going to be played not by God or by the fate but by the people. When she went back to take her son, she was given with audacity and no pangs at all another baby whom was ill and convicted to die.

The unfortunate mother believed in the death of her child. And that was natural, because even today is hard to believe that inside the "St. Stylianos", which throbbed with the children's voices and laughter, a dark game was been played and was been stated by the ambition of some greedy people.

Mrs. Maria Rezian migrated in America, taking with her the certification of her son's death. When in 1995 a woman, who was one of the babies that were sold with the same way, Mrs. Kalfopoulou, had the courage and the audacity to say in public what was going on in the institute of "St. Stylianos", hundreds of children and mothers started searching for their people.

So, Maria Rezian decided to come back to Greece and to ask for the help no of the qualified authorities but of the S.E.A.S.Y.P association. And again the fate reserved her another game. She went to the association 15 minutes after one 48 years old man who was searching for his biological parents, had left. Their resemblance was so big that the members of the association could not say a word.

Finally, the mother and the son reunited after 48 years. Them, like tenses of others try to heal the wounds of the time, that were made by some greedy and merciless opportunists. But, luckily, for all the people of this planet, there is God who some day will judge them all.

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