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Not only the adult Greek adoptees can joins S.E.A.S.Y.P. but also all biological parents who lost their children through illicit adoption.

All we need is to subscribe with and refer to us your story.

If you wish to remain anonymous we can protect you of the unnecessary publicity. We need the F.O.B, the city of birth of the child, the orphanage's or hospital's certificate of birth plus any document concerning the adoption (if found).we also need some photos of the adoptee in childhood and some recent photos.

From the biological parents, we need all documents from the hospitals and from the registration hall and certificates of the birth and the death of the child.

Photos of the biological parents and the brothers are also needed.

S.E.A.S.Y.P. is a trustful association for all adoption triad members .

We can not help you unless we do not have legal permission to do so. For this reason, a signed authorization must be sent with mail to us in order to proceed.

What we offer is a great data base of the biological parents who search for their abducted children.

We do not only match the cases we deal with but we also try until the end to collect all the necessary documents so as to accomplish a successful reunion. And certainly we recommend to our members to validate their findings by the scientific way of genetic proof DNA.

For S.E.A.S.Y.P. no file is considered to be closed until we have successfully accomplish the reunion, no matter how hard we tried.

Within 4 years we managed to reunite 365 adoptees with their families . Our target is to advice and to help people in adoption issues and researches.

The basic principal in your personal search is to collect as many documents and information as possible.

We are able to put all these pieces of the puzzle together. We can lead you in a new dimension of search that you could not think of before. Organizing all the data that you already have is a must.

The key of success in searching is to know how to evaluate all information. S.E.A.S.Y.P knows how. We already have the knowledge, the experience and the patience to do so.

For the orphanages in Greece there is a special code to recognize the adoptees referred as exposed children in their official documents. Those «esposed -unknown adoptees» in the orphanages have most of the times two register numbers, or two different pages each one, one false and one true.

This secret key leaded us to discover the most of our cases and lead them to a successful end.

Good luck in your adoption search journey.
Feel free to ask us for any advice concerning your personal adoption case.

Out there, somewhere there are definitely answers for you.
S.E.A.S.Y.P. is an adoption ring connecting all those who seek for


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