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Historical documents which have been found, such as trial decisions, old newspaper material, testimonies from people working in the orphanage of Sant Stylianos and hospitals of Thessaloniki, testimonies of birthparent whose children were inexcusable vanished from the national institutions, plus hundreds of false certificates guided us to the knowledge of an unbelievable case. All these documents are in the disposal of our association and can be showed to everyone who wishes to see them. There are all the documents of the trial in 1964.

Mr. Skopas, a Greek - American, ex mayor and judge of New York City, had been cough in the states dealing with black baby market from Greece to the United States. That had happened in 1962 in New York City. It was a very fortunate event for the apocalypses of those crimes because it guided to the main links that were people from Greece.

The investigations that were made after that reached to Dimitrios Papadopoulos and his accessories and placed them to trial. For two years all the newspapers in Greece were writing about this trial. The trial lasted two years. Doctors, nurses, personnel from the orphanage, the director himself and the secretary were involved in that case and had been judged in that trial. When the trial was finished all of them escaped with very little penalties! The decisions of the court were three years only for Dim. Papadopoulos, nearly one year for the doctor Pistofidis and the rest had been declared "innocents" since Papadopoulos took all responsibility for himself!

No stolen babies were found that time. Not a single mother took her baby back home. Nobody took any notice for the false certificates of death. No one realized or understood that most of the children of the orphanage had two registration forms in the orphanage's registration book, one real and one false.

A remarkable scientific crime had been accomplished. Themes, the goddess of justice, once more remained blind and deaf, to see and to listen to the despaired voices and the mourning of the mothers whose children, without any cause and excuse, had been separated from them for ever.

This is our history and unfortunately we can not do much to change it. However, we can not ignore it either. We have to face the fact that we simply were the victims of a very shady period, of absolute violation and ignorance of the human rights and freedom.

This is why we, the black market babies, search for our past. We have every right and every cause to do it. We have the supreme responsibility and obligation towards our biological parents who may still be seeking for us. We feel responsible towards God and all people who gave us their confidence and trust and towards the humanity to fight for our Holly purpose.

This purpose is to help the illegally adopted children and their birthparents to be reunited again before it is too late. We must keep in mind that there is not much time left for the biological parents, so we have to fight firstly with the time. As we try to find those people we need all the support we can get, we need lots of friends, we need, therefore, any useful information from people all over the world. No one who knows must remain in silence! Be activated! Please join us! There is a purpose; there is a good reason and a Holly cause. The adopted Greeks without their parents consent will, highly appreciate your effort and tries! We all wish to put an end to our agony and our drama. May God be with us all, because we are seeking only for the truth and the justice!

God bless you for having seen our page and for having been informed for


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